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All The Delicate Duplicates search stories in objects

I remember that when I wrote about Gone Home I focused much on the ability of objects to tell stories about their owners and the universe that have inhabited still for some time, and spoke of that even more than own story which had its script. Seemed a wonderful way of merging two different media: literature and video games could be shaking hands on a closed stage that explore objects that were fun to find and manipulate and that desbloqueasen fragments of a story. There are many games that have followed that trail, and perhaps the most striking is one that is not yet finished and today find: All The Delicate Duplicates.

According to explain in RPS, the game us puts in them shoes of John, an engineer computer with a daughter called Charlotte that inherits a lot of objects strange-figures, pieces of glass, drawings…-of a relative deceased, the aunt Mo.

Apparently, while Charlotte is in the school, John studied each of those objects and begins to realize that is not normal pottery: have some kind of strange supernatural property. While the girl also explores them and begins to feel inspired to develop his artistic side, father seems less amazed by what is discovering to tinker about objects, and more distressed by the truth about the aunt Mo which is revealing in front of him.

While Gone Home us had a history more or less worldly and only flirtait very slightly with the terror more for joke with the player that another thing, this All The Delicate Duplicates itself seems to have all the intention of enter is in the gender, or how minimum plunge us in a State of concern typical of them stories to the style of the dimension unknown. Surreal landscapes, interdimensional reveries, parallel realities that are activated and deactivated and it seems a very clear commitment to its other pillar of load: literature.

It is not far the first game that dares to join both mediums: traditional dishes such as Sunless Sea we got fully in seafaring adventure books, and more or less modest experiments as The Terror Aboard The Speedwell are hung directly the vitola of interactive literature. But those texts floating that shows the trailer of All The Delicate Duplicates seem to make a clear emphasis on the idea of game eminently narrative. To work or not, that it is another story.

All The Delicate Duplicates arrives this fall.

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