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Caroline and Justine star in the new trailer for person 5


Person 5 was the most anticipated JRPG of the moment by adepts video games of this kind, those marked by the pattern of the anime aesthetic, so popular in Japanese territory.

Far ahead of other franchises, each surrender of person is a leap into the void and, so far, all a triumph by Atlus. If you have been aware of the news and the Japanese market, you may have noticed in what has happened to the fifth installment of this franchise. Person 5 has surpassed its predecessors with a number of sales above 300,000 units. According to the popularity of multi-page surveys, is one of the games that generated more expectations last year, being surpassed only by Final Fantasy XV.

All these data only refer to Japan, so we must expect effect has in the West. For the moment, his arrival in Europe will be February 14, 2017, sharing date with North America. In Japan, went on sale on September 15.

In the most recent trailer presented by Atlus, and today I teach, we know the two twins Caroline and Justine, the personal assistants of Igor.

Person 5 will come out both for Playstation 4 Playstation 3.

Via | Atlustube

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