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Cities: Skylines will be available on Xbox One on April 21

Cities: Skylines estará disponible en Xbox One el 21 de abril

Cities: Skylines published on Xbox One and Windows 10 next April 21, Paradox Interactive has announced.

The urban management game has been carried to the Microsoft console and optimized for the game with remote control by Tantalus Media (responsible, too, for other ports with renowned: Sonic Mania and Rime switch are your thing), and includes the After Dark expansion, focused on the nightlife.

It will be available in digital format and disk for 40 euros.

After Dark is not the only expansion that has received the game: since its launch in 2015, the successful Simulator has been extended three times. The nightlife expansion was followed by Snowfall, filling the cities of snow and winter details, and Natural Disasters, which got in the equation not only catastrophes but the means to prepare for and recover from them.

A fourth expansion, Mass Transit, was announced about one month ago, and is intended to bring variety to the means of transport available in the game, adding from ferries and cable cars to zeppelins. Except for After Dark, which is included by default, it is not known if the rest of expansions come to the new version for One and Windows 10, although perhaps it depends on the hosting with.

On Steam (and through the website of Paradox and physical stores, of course) the game has been an undoubted success. Last month, its creators announced that they had sold three and a half million copies since the release, and good figures have accompanied them since the beginning: already placed 250,000 copies in its first 24 hours on sale.

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