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Climax Studios: “Xbox Scorpio and Playstation 5 will have photorealistic graphics”

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It is interesting that the last days we begin to hear more than usual of the next Playstation 5. It seems that companies are trying to tell us something, so it is convenient to be attentive to the information that will be posted. One of the latest companies to pronounce on the matter has been Climax Studios, which has spoken of Xbox Scorpio as a next Playstation 5.

Jamie Fisher, one of the producers of the study, said that the graphics that will offer both Xbox Scorpio as Playstation 5 will be photo-realistic. Indeed, considered that “the rendering is inevitable“, taking into account that industry is focusing more and more on increasing the power of the hardware. Of course, there is enough power, there are more possibilities to increase the technical quality of the projects.

On the other hand, the interviewee has affirmed the following:

My wish for the next hardware is that many good things will continue to create in the machines. The rendering is inevitable. If we continue increasing the power of hardware, something that will happen, we will end up reaching a graphic quality that will give sense of rendering.

In any case, Fisher said that the graphic quality is not one of its top priorities, but that also gives importance to other aspects. In any case, it is clear that the rendering will be present at the consoles in a short time, due to the increase of the power in them. That Yes, it is necessary that the developers know how to handle the new tools that will benefit.

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