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Dragon Ball Fusions has another insane trailer

Bandai Namco announced a few days ago, coinciding with the Anime Expo in Los Angeles, that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – have you here the new trailer – will be available on October 28.

However, the good appears to the other: that crazy Dragon Ball Fusions for 3DS that the Japanese will take on 4 August and still don’t know if it will end up editing here.

The new video promotional of up is basically the same that is published makes little more than one month. It only new, I fear, is the cameo of Arale-taking advantage of that mythical chapter in which Goku is quarterfinal with the characters of Dr. Slump-that also had seen in a scan.

No news on a possible arrival to the West or noteworthy news – don’t even know how Devils to play this-, was it necessary to dedicate another entry to Dragon Ball Fusions? The truth is that Yes. Because the kind of Christian I came the last time and needed to comment on the result of the union between Krillin and Piccolo. Much care with him. The sum of the two real protagonists of the manga goes beyond sympathetic nod or the desperate what if in the absence of new ideas. By the well brought baldness as a common denominator and by what means, seen from the religious symbolism, the union between a human and a namek – who speaks little about it, absorbed to Almighty God – is undoubtedly the final character in the universe of Toriyama. And legally, I suppose, would continue to be the husband of C-18.

Piccolin is already plundered by the mattress, so we are satisfied with Kriccolo. Or Krilinas Cor Petit, in catalan.

It deserves a trilogy of games for it alone.

Dragon Ball Fusions tiene otro tráiler demencial

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