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Layers of Fear Inheritance, the terror returns in August


Layers of Fear will be a new expansion which will add a new story to this psychological horror title. In Inheritance he plays the daughter of the painter cursed that returns to the old mansion to investigate mysterious inheritance that his father has left him. A point of departure typical but effective and that serves of detonating for this new history. This DLC will be available Aug. 2 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and its price will be around the $4.99.

The proposal of Layers of Fear without being excessively novel, itself has openwork positively between them users. The mixture of research and psychological terror attached to a very accomplished ambience have been main strengths so that this title has managed to gain a foothold in the complex genre of terror. Especially if we take into account that there is no as such enemies to fight, what does that generate the feeling of fear is still is more complicated.

Layers of Fear Inheritance repeated formula although unknown if you introduce any improvement or substantial novelty beyond the new story arc. This last can be more than enough to enter us a sees more in this game, but if is adds any novelty additional, always is something well received, provided not compromise the essence basic of Layers of Fear.

Along with the announcement of this expansion, its creators have posted a small trailer that is presented formally Inheritance. It certain is that the video not shows too, but yes it enough to put us them teeth long and go getting us a little the fear in the body.

Via | PG Gamer

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