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Endless Legend takes the war to the seas with its expansion Tempest


Amplitude Studios is providing of new content to their game of strategy Endless Legend. The latest incorporation to this title is a new expansion called Tempest whose focus of attention are the battles naval. Order to add and promote a new dimension for the armed strife and achieve that it will be more interesting and less monotonous. It also includes a new faction, the Morgawr, who are specialized in this kind of fighting and the manipulation of the rest of the races that inhabit the world of Endless Legend.

Endless Legend: Tempest extends this facet of the game substantially, allowing it to fight for control of the oceanic regions of the planet. A task that seems to not be anything simple since in addition to fighting the major factions, we will have to deal with the weather and one terrible minor faction which arises from the seas, the Fomorians. At the moment there is no date of release for this expansion, although it is possible that don’t you delay too in time.

Those interested in trying out the contents of Endless Legend: Tempest may try to access the closed beta by enrolling in a draw which will be Amplitude Studios soon through the website Games2gether. The truth is that Tempest seems an interesting expansion and its focus is promising to expand further options of this title.

Endless Legend is a game of strategy and fantasy of type 4 set X in particular “Endless” fantasy universe created by Amplitude Studios. Tempest is the latest expansion has received this game and follows the footsteps of Shifters, another of the DLC has received recently. All these expansions and content downloadable extend various facets of Endless Legend to convert it in an experience more complex. Currently, Amplitude Studios has been recently acquired by SEGA and their next job is Endless Space 2, the continuation of his first game as a study.

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