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Experience with damn former Castilla in PS4

Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX)_20161230001959

The hidalgo Don Ramiro belongs to another era. Theirs were them times of the platform and the action relentless against the player. A bad jump or a just lost against our enemies and are we forced to begin again to retrieve our honor besmirched.

Damn Castilla is a son timeless of that era of witchcraft that so good moments I did pass of kid with Ghost ‘ N Goblins or Castlevania. Abylight Studios has been commissioned to adapt to desktop and Steam this magnificent game and in the process they have added a couple of extra levels, new songs and remixes in their appealing Soundtrack, and display options.

George, already tasked analyze Maldita Castilla Ex for compatible, I refer you to his analysis to gain insight into the game, but because I have been able to enjoy the game in PS4, I’d like to comment slightly as it looks on consoles.

Damn former Castilla: a round game

Nothing better that a title forceful to summarize the text that must accompany to the title. Damn Castilla is a product built from the love and the respect to them large classic of another time, but primarily is a game that works fantastically without having that resorting to the nostalgia. Development levels, the variety of the same, the intelligent placement of enemies, their patterns of attack and their inclusion among aggressive stage elements with the player makes stand out as round design that it has damn Castilla.

Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX)_20161230002406

This wouldn’t be anything if not it contase with a well weighted difficulty curve and a game system that rewards the learning, the study of the elements that compose the playable map. An area of difficulty can always be overcome if we learn to circumvent the hot points of difficulty. Reward study the scenario through our deaths, learn to place us in those places correct e internalize them patterns of attack of them enemies and above all of them heads. It is a form of play that offers immediate gratification and to achieve this design should be accompanied and in the case that concerns us makes it.

A product really large and with a gameplay immense
To enjoy of damn Castilla is required of patience. It has spoiled us in recent times and it has allowed us to reach the end of many games without forcing us to learn to master them minimally. Locomalito game, requires, but sparingly. It tightens, but not drown the player, because we can restart at each checkpoint of the stage every time we want to. The game records to finish a level and if we let half the game we will have to try again since the beginning of the level. However, the phases are fast when it acquires enough to finish them, but reach it can take our time. Is even possible to terminate Maldita Castilla in less than an hour, a feat that very few will be able to.

And coming to the real reason for this entry, the game looks and converges in PS4 (and by extension One). Adaptation to the remote is well made and we have news when compared with the initial version of damn Castilla: two new levels with good development and created with the same magic as the rest. Pass by the aqueduct of Segovia and we will measure a boss who is a walking tribute to Pang! We have new songs and remixes for the BSO. Finally, added a graphical menu in which you can play with different display options of the game (filters, screen size, add image to edges).

Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX)_20161230010818

By asking and because the human being is pestering by nature, could have remodeled the mechanics of strings which makes Don Ramiro to climb to one automatically and small patterns in the cycle of the heads. Normally keep the line, but sometimes they strung more affordable attacks that make that its difficulty is greatly reduced (within certain limits, because it will continue to be screwed).

Small minutiae for a really large product with a huge gameplay if you like the genre proposed. I hope to play a part at a time.

For God and for Castilla!

Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX)_20161230003412

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