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Flat Heroes arrives Early access on 8 September

Parallel Circles has announced the date of publication on Flat Heroes, their first game Steam. Will be the next 8 of September when start your Early Access. A trailer that you have on the top of these lines was published to announce the date.

Flat Heroes is an action with an emphasis on the local multiplayer game, in which players control a few squares which must dodge the enemy waves or kill each other, depending on the mode chosen. The key is in the obsession by the game feel that moves to InspectorRoar and SuperLemonBits, them alias behind which is hide Roger Valldeperas and Lucas González, that made their debut as indies after several years within the industry triple to.

We have many ideas which we would like to implement, but we want to make sure that we are going the right direction and we want players to help us to create the game who want to, explained in the press release. «Is by that that during the Early Access the idea is working with the community and let them choose to them, as players, what content les would like to see in the game (is modes for an only player, more levels, more modes competitive, or who knows!)» «to make of Flat Heroes a better experience for all‘.

Day 8 there will be 90 levels in the main mode, which can be played solo or with up to three people, and 6 bosses; also there will be 4 modes competitive of 2 to 4 players, with bots if someone wants to ‘ practice only».

The Early Access release and much more we talk about in February this year, when we published our report on Flat Heroes. Why go in the trailer, clear. Do not know exactly when will be the advance access: us told us that ‘maybe we get a Nuclear Throne, or equal in one week is’, and in their Steam page speak of between four and 12 months, depending on on how many addresses can expand, I guess.

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