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Frostpunk is it new from the creators of This War of Mine

Already one year that is rumored about the next project of 11 bit Studios, the creators of the very interesting This War of Mine (of which a server spoke before and after playing it), and now has finally announced the title accompanied by a brief first teaser. Is called Frostpunk and, although the title invite to think in comedy or things crazy, seems that the tone will be as serious as the of its predecessor or even more still.

It little that is knows by now is that the affair will have much that see with it strategy and it management, but with a good dose of emotions and empathy as already proposed This War of Mine with them victims civilians of the war, only that this time the atmosphere is focus in them survivors of a new was of ice in which them few that endure the inclement of the time it make through technology based steam. Hence, it seems, can come from the title: the steampunk and the ice.

The idea, according to says its director creative Michal Drozdowski, is make a game eminently seriously and «for an audience mature», that instead of noted to the reality as made in your previous project, bet more by it exploration of the behavior human low situations extreme. We will see what about comes out them.

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