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Fumito Ueda talks about The Last Guardian at IGN First

IGN has posted a couple of videos about The Last Guardian in which you can see some unpublished material of the game. The first, the most interesting, is that you have up: hence Fumito Ueda explains, accompanied by gameplay, how had difficulties to encourage Trico credibly, or how the relationship between the child and the beast is not necessarily friendly, but warmth, among other things.

«With regard to the relationship between child and Trico I leave it to the imagination of the player», explains Ueda. “I don’t have a very formed opinion about their relationship, but what matters most to me is that after playing the player it is a strong impression of Trico. I don’t really have many hopes in the communication between the child and Trico to make them friends. I leave that to the imagination of each».

In the second, also interesting but not that panache of Ueda, are Cam Shea and Tristan Ogilvie, magazine editors, responsible for comment the game, based on his first contacts with him.

Also becomes a new gallery of images (below), without much interest at first sight more than reveal the game tells children of the nu group singer Christian metal P.O.D.

New images of The Last Guardian

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If I ask me, is this the most important game that are expected by 2016; precisely on the launch speaks a little Fumito Ueda in the latest issue of the magazine Edge, enough to ensure that The Last Guardian will come this year, after so much time waiting for that that there is no two without three be fulfilled for ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, two games so advanced that even today, fifteen years after its launch still looking like the future.

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