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G2A responds to the ultimatum of Gearbox

G2A responde al ultimátum de Gearbox

G2A has published a statement on the controversy that arose this week in the wake of its failed promotion agreement with Gearbox. The purpose of the statement is “explain in depth several of the little misunderstandings and precise facts» associated to the store recently.

Collaboration between Gearbox and G2A was a target of criticism from several well-known figures from YouTube, “in particular by John ‘TotalBiscuit‘ Bain ‘, said the note. TotalBiscuit, in fact, announced his intention not to cover more games of Garbox and came to talk to the company to advise on the controversies that have surrounded a time G2A. «Our partner, Gearbox Publishing, unfortunately decided to send publicly a list of ultimatums, without consulting with us to check the veracity of the claims made by John Bain,» the release continues.

“This is an excellent example that hasty actions, without full knowledge of all the facts, may be harmful both for the developer and for the marketplace.” Although shop recognizes that it can always be improved, it also says that “all requests made to G2A.COM in the ultimatum are part of our Marketplace long».

G2A explains in the communiqué, point by point, like the list of changes that required Gearbox within a period of between one and three months since April 7 (otherwise, the trade agreement is void, as it has in fact happened) are not necessary, because “formulated requirements are part of the marketplace of G2A.COM since a long time ago”.

About G2A Shield, your insurance payment, the statement ensures that G2A «protects and ensures both our sellers as buyers much more than most of the marketplaces in operation”, and that the single payment service aims to «provide the buyers with a huge convenience and comfort, as well as additional features such as a 10% cashback». According to the statement, where he develops a practical example of return with and without G2A Shield, insurance is an extra that streamlines the processes of return and extends access to 24/7 chat; Gearbox required that this plus free and applies automatically to all users.

«G2A Shield has a set price dice benefits», explains store. “This, of course, does not mean that not we realize that the service still needs many improvements. We are constantly working on Shield and unveiling new solutions in the coming months.”

About the payment system, for which Gearbox called a «clean and simple structure free of commissions that is easy to understand and does not contain hidden or unclear charges», G2A defends that you would not have “been able to build a successful marketplace by introducing hidden charges», and «non-G2A» charges, as taxes and other fees according to the method of payment are they reported “until the purchase is carried out”. «Nobody in our marketplace receives additional charges in unconscious way», is secured in the statement.

When talking about his relationship with developers, G2A insists that it is a priority for the shop «appearing only lawfully acquired keys» in his storefront, and that “some developers, and a few incurring YouTubers (with John Bain to the head), want to spread an image of G2A.COM as a place that exists as an intermediary to sell key acquired illegally”. In the statement, G2A says be “leader in safety” and «one of the lowest fraud rates in the industry», but «for some developers (…) the only problem is that their games are on sale at G2A.COM, which is by what we accused using allegations without any basis or evidence». The free market and the legality of selling digital assets legally acquired are the foundations on which it based its argument, which goes on to explain that

The problem is that some developers do not accept that users can resell their games. They would like to be able to take control of the market and all the sales channels available in it, imposing higher prices, and banning the resale of games without using, and G2A.COM does not agree with this scenario. We respect the rights of buyers. Buyers which, unfortunately, very often believe the rules stated by the developers to follow the law.

This is the reason for which G2A.COM will not give an agreement access to our databases to those developers that we have not signed an agreement, nor the possibility of modifying them. must protect all honest sellers and giving such access to all developers, we would be allowing a situation in which any developer could delete every key in our marketplace regardless of its origin. Such action would be damaging to the industry and to the players, in addition to being illegal.

However, a group of developers that G2A has “full confidence” and those who collaborate through their Direct program (announced as one of the measures to counter the controversy which caused accusations of tinyBuild, which defined the store as a ‘black market economy’) Yes can “check our data base independently and without limits». This program, “which already has more than 100 developers, is the response to all complaints that developers have not only in terms of our marketplace, but of all the marketplaces in general. We say this not only based on the arguments listed above, but also in the fact that G2A.COM is the only marketplace in the world that allows developers to load with a Commission sale of their games made by third parties. An analogy of this fact in the physical product market would be as if Samsung received money whenever a particular sold on eBay a Samsung TV that was previously purchased from another store».

The release ends stating that «most of the allegations made against us are based in a lack of knowledge and lack of desire to know the other side of the story» and that «the best example of this fact consists in the appointment of statements false and defamatory to ignoring the facts». ‘We do everything that is in our hands to maintain the best possible relations with developers, as well as to ensure the highest standards in the fight against the rogue traders’, reads the note.

Gearbox has not acted on the response of G2A. TotalBiscuit, third in discord, reviewed the matter briefly on Twitter. «I’ve been thinking about making a serious statement», writes, “but sincerely G2A release reveals more about his lies what I could.»

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