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Get two free cards with the new adventure of Hearthstone, a night in Karazhan


Hearthstone will soon have a new adventure that will add 43 letters to our collections on 12 August. The theme of this expansion was desired by many, since set in one of the most beloved band dungeons of World of Warcraft, the Tower of Karazhan. That Yes, the aesthetics used to recreate this sinister place of Azeroth in Hearthstone is much more carefree and festive in his counterpart from World of Warcraft.

In any case, one night in Karazhan will offer all players of Hearthstone an interesting incentive in the form of two free cards. For these two cards only, we will have to play the prologue of this adventure, which will be available on August 12 for all players, whether to purchase or not this extension Hearthstone. A detail by Blizzard, that we get into the theme of this adventure.


It should be noted that with the arrival of a night in Karazhan collections available to play in the standard format will remain the same. Therefore, any kind of rotation will not occur and you can still use all the cards that were available for this format. In this way we will have access to new strategies and with a little luck, the metagame shall be modified thanks to the additions of this new adventure. Although it is still too early to determine the impact that will have Karazhan in Hearthstone.

As of usual, the contents of one night in Karazhan will unlock weekly form, in such a way that every 7 days we will have access to new letters. It cost total of this adventure will be of 17,99 euros if is chooses by buy it of coup or of 5.99 if is acquires each an of the “wings” of form individual. Those who want to do with a night in Karazhan using the currency of Hearthstone will pay 700 pieces of gold for each of these wings.

Via | Blizzard

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