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Gran Turismo Sport delayed to 2017

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Polyphony Digital is a study that is taking the time necessary to produce their products. Face consumers this means that we have less games that we would like to study. And how it could be otherwise, Gran Turismo Sport will be skipped this year to appear in 2017 at a date to be determined.

Kazunori Yamauchi has made an appeal to fans of the series informing them of the delay and explaining the reasons which have led them to this decision. Sport is one of its most ambitious projects in the study and they have used some of the latest technologies as physics-based processing, sound simulations, and landscape. Combining these elements they intend to offer a competitive gaming experience that reinvent the racing titles.

While approaching the launch date, team has been conscious that it needed more time to refine the game and thus Sport will be released when it exceeds the cutting quality of Polyphony in 2017. Sport will continue showing is in different fairs and will have updates regular of its state of development.

A pity, but the title which is to be expected.

Source | Sony

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