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Publishing unboxing and analysis of PS4 Slim, the console that do not exist

Communication machinery of Sony still on vacation, poking your nose on a daybed in a tourist spot, and the first redesign of PS4 is still unannounced. Does not officially exist, it is a rumor, speculation, a lot of smoke Ethereal to going through the network. Only than not.

If Digital Foundry has demonstrated that Yes, that PS4 Slim is real, visiting the home of one of the early-early adopters of the machine, now the thing goes much further: videogames journalist Laura Kate Dale has done with one of the mysterious copies the console and has not lost the opportunity to record a fairly impromptu unboxing to demonstrate that you it really works , and then write an analysis on its website Let completo Play Video Games.

The first thing that draws attention and pointing the own Laura is the fact that in the case do not put anything “slim” or new edition, which may mean that this redesign is not an optional alternative, but it arrives to replace the PS4’s always. Here should be then have clear what differences there are with the model original, because them there, and are of which decanted to one by cast hand of the stock that is of PS4 “fat” or wait to the redesign more light. The most important would be the disappearance of the optical audio output, something significant if we add to the apparent lack of innovations or improvements, and a material that at first glance for cheaper and less robust.

Seems clear that the idea of Sony is Suomi that model classic that is sells now for polarize them two types of PS4 that plans to propose us, a species of range basic and a range high, the Neo, eliminating the possibility of the console intermediate, a way of fragment a little less to his public.

That itself: each hour that passes without the PS4 Slim is announced while the people the thumbs and it teaches, the ridiculous is makes a little more evident.

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