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Heroes role and Dayo discusses “the game through David Cage”


The Publisher role Heroes continues with its line of releases that seek to analyze the videogame world perspectives different from the usual. On this occasion the Publisher presents “the game through David Cage” a story that analyzes the work of this author through the point of view of the youtuber José Altozano “Dayo”, popularly known by its atypical analysis. This book will be released the next next March 17 for 20 euros.

An account through which the reader may be approaching the peculiar vision of David Cage, creator of Rain or Beyond: Two Souls, and see their particular approach to the game. A story which Dayo analyzes the use of this format as narrative resource and is used by Cage to tell stories that move away from the conventions of the industry. In this sense, the book pay special attention to elements such as the use of the language and other tools used to arrive at the final result.

José Altozano “Dayo” is one of the most popular “alternative” youtubers of those working in the field of video game. With a very unique style, Dayo tends to make analysis and considerations of the narrative scope of the games. An approach that can be especially useful when it comes to understanding the reader resources used by Cage in his creations.

With this new release Paper Heroes continues to expand its catalog and making it more complete. Future publications include the anticipated Console Wars, whose lanzmiento seems that you delayed, or a publication about Streer Fighter.

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