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The remaster of Turok 2 for PC is published on 16 March

Night Dive Studios has announced the release date of its remaster of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, the classic of Iguana Entertainment. It will be available on Steam, GOG and Humble on March 16, compatible with Windows.

In addition to that the original Turok 2 is compatible with as many computers as possible (the 1999 version, which reached half a year after leaving in Nintendo 64 computers, is still playable but is made for rather outdated operating systems, it is difficult to get it legitimately), Night Dive added a multiplayer mode extra (call Last Turok Standing) and «six new worlds» as it says in the trailer.

This I have more fresh than the first, which caught me off guard with high nostalgia low; found me it funny but little else when I played it at the beginning of 2016. Also I rejugué this sequel last year and it holds much better type; We will see what so you feel the capita of remaster.

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