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Humble Bundle opens the year with Assassin’s Creed

Humble Bundle Assassins Creed

The first Humble Bundle of 2017 is the Assassin’s Creedseries starring: paying what we want, we can take a fairly complete overview of Ubisoft series, from the first deliveries to Unity and the recent spin-off Chronicles.

The thing goes for sections, as always. It of pay what want (starting from a dollar; as in them large sandbox, the freedom always is more limited of what seems) includes the trilogy Chronicles, spin-offs relatively near to the formula of the first Prince of Persia and liven in different countries (India, China and Russia), and the Assassin’s Creed original, which it began all.

The central block depends on the average contribution from other users, which is now at 7.04 euros, and gives access to the two following delivery (in the case of Assassin completo Creed III included also the DLC the tyranny of the King Washington) and Assassin Creed completo de libération HD, review of delivery for Vita from 2012-2014.

Finally, 15 dollars (14,44 euros, according to the converter automatic of Humble Bundle) us give all it earlier, to the already mentioned Unity and to Assassin’s Creed: the brotherhood, the second chapter of the famous trilogy of Ezio, that in this bundle is is take to lack of Revelations.

There is a but: games, only available for Windows, require Uplay, the Manager of content from Ubisoft. Everyone makes with your computer what you want. The offer will be active for thirteen days more.

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