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Invisible Inc. and Stories: The Path of Destinies top the list of games of PlayStation Plus in December

Sony has announced the games that will be added in December to PlayStation Plusinstant collection. They will be available from day 6.

Players continue to be the PlayStation 4, clear, and next month (which came already: If nothing is broken in your reality, today should be 1 December) highlights two of the list are Invisible Inc. and Stories: The Path of Destinies. On the first, little to say; Klei people know what it does, and this turn-based strategy game is that does not cost to recommend. As said Pep, “is one of those games with which you sweat them hands»:

As whenever it touches to infiltrate, the non-lethal approach is the most satisfactory and risky; If you run you can achieve more boxes in a turn, but you make more noise. If you catch someone when it peeks through a door and aturdes instead of loading it to you, you will need to make someone run you over so no you can get will last awhile. Take it very easy is not an option, however, because invaded buildings security system is sending more guards and activating more cameras when our stay there drags on. In every game there is the usual turn-based strategy stress, because errors pay expensive and agents want them to (< 3 Internationale < 3), but also a pressure original, nice and cool, because time is not usually an enemy in as gentle games.

The second, Stories: The Path of Destinies, “e a GDR d’azione, a book incantato ricco di storie apprezzato piene di follia», according to its description on Steam, where is also available. The peculiarity is that resembles a Choose your own adventure: the player can choose different paths for those who wants to take the history, and the objective is based on exploring these alternatives, arrive at the good end of this story. It seems an interesting proposal, but it I have seen gives me the feeling that something is quite wrong in combat; We will, in any case.

Based on share games with her sisters, PS4 takes a few games more. It is the case of Hyper Void and Tiny Troopers Join PAHO, which become part of PS3, but you can also play on the new generation (or in the new, depending on the pros that we are), and also the Color Guardians, that you can play both in PS Vita PS4.

VVVVVV, one of those games that go beyond basic classic ends the list of what a synopsis can be explained. This single is available on PS Vita, the console of the indies: now say this is almost of nostalgic, but what pleasure I have look at the games that I have installed on my Vita, all special, hilarious… and a little meat of Humble Bundle, in reality.

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