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inXile invites us to explore the barren ice cream in Wasteland 3


inXile returns to surprise to the community of players after announcing of form official the development of Wasteland 3. A project for that who will use Kickstarter to give you life and that expected financing similar to his previous creations. The project will be launched in this crowdfunding site on October 5. The study of Brian Färgor would be redirecting to part of your team to Wasteland 3 after have finished the development of Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Unlike the previous delivery, inXile to create parallel versions of PC and consoles, a movement that may be somewhat risky since most of the users who made it possible for the resurgence of the saga were compatible. In any case, if Wasteland 3 gets finance is of form successful them players of Xbox One and PS4 can enjoy of the game at the same time that them of PC.


In terms of the major innovations that will bring Wasteland 3, as well as a new story arc, we find a change of location. This time the adventure moved to Colorado, which after the nuclear war has become a frozen wasteland. In addition, Wasteland 3 will have a system of improved dialogues, better combat system and various elements of weather that will test our Rangers.

But without a doubt, the big news is the addition of a multiplayer mode in Wasteland 3. Your performance will be similar to the of Divinity: Original without, and we will allow perform missions of way joint with our friends. While we are in a game multiplayer, we can choose to go and perform missions jointly or separate Act to develop new strategies. In spite of all, the experience of game of Wasteland 3 will be mainly for a single player.

The news of Wasteland 3 is no doubt good, but leaves in the air a question what happens with The Bard´s Tale IV? This was the last project of inXile in be funded and by the time its development is still a complete unknown. Many assumed that a time finished Torment: Tides of Numenara is put underway with the new delivery of The Bard´s Tale, but the ad of Wasteland 3 seems that dispels that possibility.

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