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It is confirmed that NX will not be present at the Tokyo Game Show

Tokyo Game Show

Already know that about NX there are a large number of rumors, to each which more curious. Many of them may be true, and false, although it is clear that we have to wait so Nintendo show official information on the console. By the time, what it can say is that not will be present in the next Tokyo Game Show. Rumors indicated that it would have presence in the known fair. Finally, this fact is denies.

Makes little time is has unveiled the list official of exhibitors that will be in the fair Japanese. In this regard, we must say that Nintendo will not be present, as already happens with their video games, consoles, present and future. Bad news, since some users had hopes on NX was featured or at least you could see in the event.

Some of the companies that it will be present are Intel, ALIENWARE, Capcom, KONAMI, Koei Tecmo, Square Enix and Sega. However, the list is bigger, so you must not rule out surprises in the form of new video games or playable titles.

Remember that the next Tokyo Game Show will take place during the month of September. That Yes, is expected that during the next weeks go knowing rumors and news about them projects that is are preparing. We will be vigilant.

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