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Liberty City will come to GTA V through a tool not official

The creators of OpenIV have announced a new tool for GTA IV , which will allow to import Liberty City, the transcript of New York where he develops GTA IV, to the latest installment of the Rockstar game.

Speak specifically of GTA IV, although Liberty City also is stage of GTA III and the GTA original, because the tool will transform them files of that game in a new territory annex to the of GTA V to which is can get, according to suggests the trailer with which have announced the project, in aircraft.

«As Liberty City occupies much space and not have them rights to distribute it as work our», explain them responsible of the tool, «decided to do that this mod out a converter automatic that add the Liberty City of your copy of GTA IV to your copy of GTA V». That new content will be treated as DLC by the fifth delivery, a time is processed by the machine of transmogrification, that is the name that propose for the tool in question.

The invention, which will include some additional materials (imagine that some models and textures), “requires a lot of free space on the hard disk”, they warn, and OpenIV, a editing tool for moddear GTA V, who will be in charge of transforming (a process, I guess, quite long; development team prefers not to mention this matter, for the moment) archives of Liberty City into a gigantic mod DIY.

Nor is gives a date of launch, or exact or approximate: want to remove it «as soon as possible», and not there will be betas or versions previous to the end. «As soon as the mod is in the State appropriate it will make public», they say.

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