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Loot Rascals already is available

Loot Rascals, the first game of Hollow Ponds, is available from already same in PS4 and PC. What you see above is the trailer for launch, with a strong Scottish accent and in which their keys are summarized.

This roguelike that debuts the study of Ricky Haggett (Hohokum, Frobisher Says, Super Exploding Zoo) will get loot, as understood by the title, and with it create decks which enhance some forms or other skills of the helpless astronaut who stars in the adventure. These decks are our weapon to defend ourselves from the many dangers that there are in the alien world of the game.

In addition to Haggett, in the game they work Swatpaz, with background in Adventure time and Super Exploding Zoo, and Meowza, Spry Fox, that it is easy to recognize by Alphabear and Road Not Taken.

Loot Rascals has a long circulating in itch.io, through its Refinery, the equivalent to Early Access platform. If you apostasteis access anticipated at the time, remember that in the download page you can find a key for Steam, if you will more to have it there.

Here we are already looteando and giving it to the charts, so you can expect a review of this peculiar roguelike in the coming days.

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