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Quake Champions will be closed «in the next few weeks» beta

Bethesda has announced the beta closed from Quake Champions, the new shooter multiplayer to PC from id Software. Above is the trailer that are promoting it.

Little is added on this occasion, because after their first appearances (the first, at E3; the second, in the QuakeCon) the thing now is to encourage people to jump into the arena, as the slogan. The best ad perhaps is the last Doom, with that id Software returned to the relevance to the father of them games of shots modern. If with Doom conquered the shots for a player, with Quake Champions going for eSports.

There was talk at the time, and it remains the idea of a “list of unique characters, each with their own distinctive powers”, so that each “fight in the way you prefer». Is a «touch modern», according to is read in the note of press, that makes thinking inevitably in them hero shooters, and that arrives until the design of those champions that starring them brawls; Today same Bethesda will show to it first, Nyx, and on some days is may see a map, that has by title Pact of blood.

In the web official of Quake is possible aim is to this beta, that «will begin in the coming weeks», without specify. ID honing the PC because this game, which has the 120 Hz as flag, is exclusive to computers.

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