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“Love of Love Emperor of Love!” teaches its main characters


Entergram has recently launched an opening for the next visual novel of Japanese study Harukaze, Love of Love Emperor of Love! or, better known as, Love of Rein’ai Koutei of Love.

Originally launched in 2013, through different platforms, Love of Rein’ai Koutei of Love follows the perspective of Akito since Lukina Ichinose, the President of the school, declares his love. This will cause different girls in the entire school to begin to follow the player, giving you the possibility of taking a path different from the 8 available routes.

Interestingly, version of 2013, which was distributed on PC, I had no censorship in their scenes. And, unlike other novels where it hints and never gets to show nothing on this occasion Yes displays everything you could expect of a similar title. Love of Rein’ai Koutei of Love is a game designed for adults, and is something that can be seen even with just looking at the opening.

Remains the question of how the censored version, taking into account that almost all of the title is based on scenes + 18.

Soon will be available a version for the console PSVita, which will be shown only on Japanese territory and that will completely censored. On the other hand, the PC version is still available for download through the official website of the project.

Via | Harukaze Soft

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