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New details on Grisaia: The Phantom Trigger


Grisaia: The Phantom Trigger will be the next visual novel of the Frontwingstudy, which has recently updated the official website with new information about the release. Following the closure of the successful Kickstarter that gave light to the first two episodes of The Phantom Trigger in the West, the update …

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“Love of Love Emperor of Love!” teaches its main characters


Entergram has recently launched an opening for the next visual novel of Japanese study Harukaze, Love of Love Emperor of Love! or, better known as, Love of Rein’ai Koutei of Love. Originally launched in 2013, through different platforms, Love of Rein’ai Koutei of Love follows the perspective of Akito since …

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Crown Blossom Vol 2 shows the system E-Mote


Frontwing, developer specializing in adult Visual novels, It has recently launched his latest novel through the digital platform Steam. In Crown Blossom Vol. 2: The Truth From Beyond, get to know Lily, a maiden turned into space pirate, and his cohort Yunie. Both seek to abduct R-ne, a metal body …

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Special Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness: video game VS Anime


It is possible that Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness is not of the best visual novels that we have had the opportunity to try, and not represent not best of the genre at play times, but definitely, it is a good product made to fans. Psycho-Pass, the work of animated, despite not …

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Sekai Project updated the KickStarter’s saga ‘Grisaia’


Sekai Project, in its most recent KickStarter project page, It has recently uploaded an Update on progress made with the location of the Grisaia trilogy: The Fruit of Grisaia, The Labyrinth of Grisaia and Grisaia of The Eden. By that count, the location of Grisaia of Eden is to the …

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Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors lands in PSVita


After the landing of Criminal Girls: Invite Only, during the last year, comes the sequel, Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors, as part of this saga RPG sexy and ‘spicy’. We get the physical version, distributed by Badland Games, along with a Special Edition, which this distributor already has fairly accustomed …

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The creator of Harvest Moon Announces Birthdays for PS4


Them catalogues always must fill is of titles extravagant and with proposals that break between the games that tend to verse between them more sold. Birthdays, the new game from Yasuhiro Wada, creator of Harvest Moon, seems that will try to offer something different.Birthdays will allow players to create, evolve …

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Little King completo Story HD premieres on PC


Little King completo Story was one of those games, in our extensive catalog of Nintendo, the Wii, console that intrigued more than one, despite not being recognized as one of the most popular video games. However, its graphic style, their level of difficulty so adjusted and its ability to keep …

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A.W. Phoenix Festa already available for PSVita


Bandai Namco, inside all the editors, is one of the leading companies that bring video games anime to Western audiences. For many it may not be relevant, but this type of game still have a huge reception on this side of the world, and serve to provide a respite from …

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