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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance back out on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and its sequel have been republished in PC and next generation consoles. The PS4 and Windows versions are already available; the Xbox One will be available tomorrow.

These new editions are, according to Mike Jones (Executive producer of the relaunch), «so faithful to the Ultimate Alliance original as possible; the final versions». Zoe Mode, the study charge of them ports (dedicated to create «games social and simple that fun with ease but not is take very in seriously to itself same», according to is lee in your web), has «worked very hard to improve the performance, it interface of user and them graphics, as well as for do that them games are compatible with them options of them platforms modern in PS4» Xbox One and PC».

The trailer that there is on these lines is that published Activision to promote the relaunch; is practically the same that is published in his time, in 2006, when Ultimate Alliance came out on Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PS4, Wii and PC. What you have here below.

On the reasons for the relaunch, Jones explains the following: why relaunch Ultimate Alliance now?

Mike Jones: Look, you have grace; Since we began to rethink our strategy of video games and started to go to Comic Con and events like E3, ask us nonstop for Ultimate Alliance. “Are you going to do another Ultimate Alliance?” “Can you relaunch Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2?” It was surprising, in fact, how often that happens. They have come in ten years since the series began, and players continue to have so much passion for Ultimate Alliance as at the time. So we thought it would be a great way to celebrate an incredible series that is about to reach its 10th anniversary. It is a perfect time to play these games if you missed them, or to rejugarlos with new friends and new Dream Teams of superheroes.

Not know if is an exercise of marketing-fiction extraordinary or if really them assistants to the Comic with have asked to Jones that take out again these two games, but apparently this review, unless in PC, not is that Edition final that expected Marvel: in them reviews of them users is mentioned problems to the use a command (them buttons are badly configured and not there is way of change them hand) for example) and with the sound. They seem to be the basic version of the game, without the DLC launched later in his day.

Separately they can be achieved, both in PS4 Steam (is to assume that the price will be the same in One) for 40 euros; together it is at 60.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance vuelve a salir en PS4, Xbox One y PC

Ultimate Alliance is the continuation of X-Men Legends, the two action RPG from Raven Software in which the player traveled through dungeons using teams of customizable heroes. As those, in Ultimate Alliance group properties change depending on which group of superheroes are chosen: applies damage bonus if we went with the Avengers, or one of energy if we are to the fantastic four before leaving for mazmorreo.

There is also a new trailer (you have it here below) of Ultimate Alliance 2; It is also quite similar to the original, 2009.

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