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Miyamoto explains the agreement between Nintendo and Universal theme parks

Universal Studios in Osaka, Orlando and Hollywood parks have extensive areas of Nintendo themed. It is something that was known since may, but now comes to explain what the footballer Shigeru Miyamoto.

Any excuse is good to see the creator of Mario, although his speech here is not very different from a typical corporatist veneer that is recited from both parties when there is an agreement of this type. The view is going to the Fund, to this beautiful decorated with shells, fire flowers and rotating coins that help us to imagine how will be those areas «extensive, interactive» and «real environments filled with multiple attractions, shops and restaurants».

The imagery of the Mushroom Kingdom will be the main attraction, clear, but it is not clear whether there will be places for other characters and franchises. Bets, are allowed why not. We have the precedent of the PokéPark and in Osaka, which is very Octopus, I would expect to see some attraction of Splatoon. And a space for concerts, of course.

“The creative and planning of these areas work is very advanced,” claim, and each park will soon announce details about your area. The first information will arrive soon and the three «open separately over the next years».

As he remembered @pinjed a few months ago, with Port Aventura will late: Universal Studios sold their part to La Caixa long since twelve five.

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