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Confirmed: ReCore will support HDR in 2017


Although name collects is not being shouted from the rooftops, there is no doubt that we are before one of the most curious games of Xbox One. In fact, Comcept and Armature Studio teams have been working much in one of the games that most users expect. The work has been difficult, although it is clear that the project has given a lot to talk about. A very interesting work, in any case.

One of the things that more is being talked about, as you already adored, is the 4 K and HDR support in the latest consoles. And Yes, we are going to discuss this issue with respect to ReCore. In fact, Mike Ybarra, technical director of Xbox, has confirmed that the project will support HDR in 2017. The Declaration has been made in his Twitter account. Of course, this is not the only game with support for this feature. Yes shows that Xbox One S has sufficient power to provide high-quality visual effects.

In any case, the news is not exactly that collects will have support for HDR. It is, in particular, the fact that is going to keep releasing patches to implement this feature, which shows, in addition, that studies are putting the batteries in order to provide the best Visual in their projects functions.

Don’t forget that collects is already on sale in shops. However, HDR patch still will take to arrive. Don’t forget to take a look at analysis published in his day.

Via | Twitter – Mike Ybarra

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