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Mosh Pit Simulator is the creator of McPixel new

Sos Sosowski has posted a trailer for Mosh Pit Simulator, the game that is preparing as part of his experimentation with new virtual reality devices. It is a simulator of Pogo… more or less; above is the trailer.

The creator of McPixel, the unclassifiable genius that still looks like an advanced game, takes a while working on Mosh Pit Simulator and I am happy to see that his intention was not to give consistency and solidity to the simulation of the pogo (which assumes that it is important), but create a sense around the infernal chaos that has defined the project since its inception. In Kill Screen speak of «nightmare comedy» a few months ago, and that is still there: the nightmare, I say, and comedy.

The core of the game remains the same, I guess: using virtual reality helmet, we have to deal with hordes of naked men that, as in a pogo, will play against us. We can only defend ourselves throwing them out with the hands. The results are unpredictable. The images are powerful. In the memory, indelible mark.

In addition to the trailer, I think that this is the first time that there is talk of this game with that title, which introduces it in the recent stream of so-called simulators that based its appeal on the error and the lack of control. Until not so long ago was called I Have No Idea What I’m Doing, a title in which they hand the feeling of the creator, Sos, that really seemed to not know very well what the hell was doing, and that of the player, who possibly did not know very well what was expected of him. It also fit with the casual way with that are entered in the RV:

It didn’t work in virtual reality, in fact. But when I went to GDC and I saw all that hype and these great ideas, I entusiasmé and wanted to try something, also!

This latest trailer shows a more polished, perhaps more focused game (if you can say that of precisely this game), and the type of details loaded with humor that characterize Sos: that Flash how out of an anime when a civilian flies into the sky made me shed a warm tear.

Comes in 2016, but it is not known when.

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