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Nippon Ichi Software confirms that he is also working on Nintendo Switch

Nippon Ichi Software

As on the date in which Nintendo will host its Conference, and which will reveal more details of Nintendo Switch, transfer rumours, gossip and confirmations by the own companies of development is begin to do most common. Not in vain, even the companies themselves are officially announcing the plans that are on the next console. I recommend being very attentive.

One last comment on the matter is out of the hand of Nippon Ichi Software. The company not is extremely popular in our country, but in other regions, mostly them Asian, puts to disposition of them users a great amount of video games with much success. It is clear that the business is already working on Nintendo Switch. Not in vain, they have confirmed it recently.

Specifically has been Soheii Niikawa, President of the company, which has mentioned that in the company already have several kits of development of Nintendo Switch. In addition, has given a small about its plans with the console to 2017:

We have several projects for Nintendo Switch. There was some skepticism about our involvement with the console, but we are currently developing for it.

Of course, since the study they have not announced the projects in which they are working. Just know that are developing new games for the console.

For the moment is confirmed that, in addition to Nippon Ichi Software, there are several companies that are already working on Switch. And this means that developments will impact positively on the catalogue of the console.

Via | Nintendo Insider

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