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No Man completo Sky confirms its delay: 10 August on sale


A few days ago, we published a rumor that waged that No Man completo Sky, the work of cosmic exploration of Hello Games, was going to suffer a delay in their departure date. Sam Murray, founder of Hello Games, has confirmed that No Man completo Sky will be released on August 10 in Europe. UK residents may get it from August 12.

Murray has commented that as they approached the deadline, they realized that it was necessary to Polish certain key moments to conform to its standards of quality. They have had to make the hard decision of delaying the title a few weeks to get to deliver something special.

Sam also wanted to reassure fans by declaring that development progresses in an extraordinary way and generates some hype arguing that No Man completo Sky universe is incredibly vast, more than what we can imagine.

A game as ambitious, and seemingly complex for a computer so often, has not been spared of shifting your departure date in order to achieve a quality finish. A delay always generates some unease, but better that finish the game as it should out half cooked.

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