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Owlboy enters in the straight end of its development

All the planets are aligning: after nearly nine years in development, Owlboy is closer than ever. You already have a page on Steam, already it has publishing platform (PC, at the moment, although the jump to consoles is a possibility) and already has a release date, although we do not know it: D-Pad Studio will announce it on PAX West, which takes place from 2 to 5 September.

Of time, we are satisfied with the last trailer, posted yesterday itself. It is on these lines.

When we met Owlboy the world was a site very different. Just had started to see some tremors in the glass of water, as in Park Jurassic, that we anticipated the arrival of Braid, that today seems, indeed, already a dinosaur; the panorama independent and, in general, them video games were more innocent, think: had more space to surprise, and certain claims that is you sense to Owlboy us would have caught with another type of innocence.

However, I think that we expect a very good game; Today same read this article in Rock, Paper, Shotgun that gives to understand just that, and not me costs much remember several articles of them last years in which is celebrates the game and is ensures that it hopes is more than deserved. Well by D-Pad, that carry both with Owlboy to slopes that have had time to of get another game between middle.

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