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Respawn announces changes for Titanfall 2 and responds to criticisms about the multiplayer test

During the past weekend, EA and Respawn launched a sort of beta open for Titanfall 2. This technical test of the multiplayer served as test for new dedicated servers, of course, but also to collect views of staff. And not all were positive.

The developers say have taken good note and has announced already a few adjustments of face to the game end.

The majority of complaints had to do, of course, with things that are not maintained as in the first Titanfall. The movement of the pilots is not exactly the same, the rod that allows you to call the Titan must be filled with points by deaths and objectives, the robots are less resistant than the last time, maps are too open…

For almost everything they have response from Respawn, either with clarifications or minor changes. Thus, pilots will return to run faster through the walls and will gain more speed if they strung several of those wallruns. Will be more easy do that in certain maps, have, because it seen the other day not is necessarily representative of what will see in the game end: «the design relatively flat and open of Homestead», explain, seeks to create areas where the weapons of long scope are more effective. They promise soon teach other more “traditional” environments.

A little of everything there is also with mechanical companions of four meters. To begin with, the caidita of the Titan will remind a little more original because “a small amount of the indicator will be filled with passively every few seconds”. The system initially proposed for the sequel coming up only with points, I say, to promote the importance of the different goals in each game mode. But many it looked as a streak of low and remove, remove, that that is of the another. The shield and the shield of the robots will remain for the time being as it was a few days ago, but do remember that the beta is not the content: there will be kinds of Titans and modifications to them more oriented towards the defense and resistance.

They are critical of sense, although also Respawn reply seems very valid. I had so much very well playing Titanfall 2 the other day, I must say. Some news that not have been well received I seem to a success-think that the of the rodeo for steal batteries and give is them to a partner is a good mechanical that many not have understood still-, although itself is truth that the design is a little ganchocentrista; the special abilities of other classes are not as useful or fit as well with the rest of the set.

However, there is no news about that in my opinion are the two most obvious problems of the game: the incomprehensible absence of wear – the main in the original delivery mode – and that not can equip you a pistolica in addition to the weapon Anti-titan.

See how goes the thing with the second try, that begins tomorrow itself. Some of these changes will be implemented by then, but others will be waiting until October 28.

Respawn anuncia cambios para Titanfall 2 y responde a las críticas sobre la prueba multijugador

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