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Phil Fish speaks of SuperHyperCube, his new game with Kokoromi

Phil Fish became famous by making Fez, one of the most important games of the indie explosion; also one of the more controversial, by its tortuous development and because, in end, Fish not fell especially sympathetic to that minority vocal that say that is it part toxic of the fandom of them video games. Although takes a time paragraph of them foci, not has State out of the development of video games: with its collective Kokoromi, founded makes ten years for experience with them possibilities of the interactivity, has State working in SuperHyperCube, a first person puzzler on which speaks in the video of above, in company of the people of Giant Bomb.

Has Fish that the game was born in 2008, although then was very different: the thing worked with some glasses made in house and controls of Wii hacked (following them steps of Johnny Chung Lee), although the objective also was create a game «in which the vision stereoscopic actually had an impact in the gameplay». The technology advanced and thus we reached today: PlayStation VR is just around the corner, and that’s where SuperHyperCube has finished finding your home.

In the video itself, Fish assures that the most useful comparison to understand of what the thing is the Japanese human Tetris that so funny we did in his day.

There are a few cubes that are in the foreground and in the background there is a wall with a hole: for each hole in which we got to BREW cubes, one more is added to the group, which makes more vision and makes finding the appropriate way more complicated. If when the wall is charges them cubes not are well placed, the part that not get cross the hole is clear; Thus, “the game is much harder better play», says Fish. He number of cubes that pass is converts in points: so, if we have 10 cubes but lose four by the road, to the counter is added only 6 points.

In the video you can see a few games. The key is in looking behind the Group of cubes; I fear that is difficult of see in all its splendor without them glasses in the face, but ma has dear remember to those keys of Skyward Sword that had that place of determined way to fit them in your hole.

SuperHyperCube is one of the launch of PlayStation VR games, because they have been developed specifically with that hardware in mind; He says Fish who are interested in other platforms, so those who prefer Oculus or lives may have some hope.

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