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Still here the Nintendo 3DS Direct

Starting from the 16:00, you can follow here up the Nintendo 3DS Direct. More later will post the video in deferred.

We wrote yesterday that «lto broadcast will focus on 3DS, and their upcoming releases, and will present the Satoru Shibata, President of Nintendo of Europe, and brave Ed, the Department European Publisher completo Business of Nintendo of Europe.» Not is have specified games specific of which is go to talk, but I guess that not there much place for the surprise; «Pokemon Sun and moon will require another specific Direct, I guess, so I do not know to what extent it is reasonable to see it much waiting upon them».

And another important important detail:

Nor will there be information about already-know-what. «Ten in has that the presentation not will include information about NX or of games for mobile», warn in the note of press, if the title of the Direct not it leave sufficiently clear. They know that you will be running year, and now it time to talk about NX, but gives me in the nose that will play to wait a little longer.

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