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Playdead shows the first image of your next game

Thanks for your warm reception of INSIDE. Since release, Playdead founder Arnt Jensen and the team have been working on the next adventure.

-Playdead (@Playdead) 20 of January of 2017

Playdead has posted in Twitter a picture of their new game, of which still not is knows nothing. In the picture you can see a figure humanoid witnessing the fall of what might be a celestial body.

The image is accompanied by a message. “Thanks for the warm welcome from INSIDE”, is read. «Since the launch, the founder of Playdead, Arnt Jensen, and the team have State working in the next adventure».

The reference to Jensen sounds differently in the light of the latest news on the withdrawal of Dino Patti, a former member of Playdead and INSIDE both producer and Limbo, the resounding debut of the study. Patti left the company in the middle of the year last, shortly after published his last game; their latest statements are running to the relationship between Patti and Jensen was very impaired in that moment, and that was the Government Danish which forced to the producer to undo is of his part of Playdead by 7.2 million of euros after a so-called misunderstanding between he and Arnt Jensen, that had arrived to present, have, his letter of resignation as director creative by differences irreconcilable between them two parts.

«Of course, has been hard let it company of whose creation have been part», explained to GamesIndustry, «and is a little sad not have a relationship daily with all the people great that works there.» TRNA has been a great friend and partner of business for many years, and… believe that it is one of the best conductors of the World Games’.

No legal drama can tarnish a reality: here we liked much INSIDE. It is one of the most enigmatic and powerful in 2016, no doubt; one with many readings, perhaps as many as players; giving to talk long and hard one, and that are sure to be speak long and hard for a long time.

Playdead muestra la primera imagen de su próximo juego

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