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Robots of Platinum: first impressions of NieR: controller

Robots de Platino: primeras impresiones de NieR: Automata

Square, square, triangle. With the first shots I felt, although it is not a comparison that be especially proud, as an addict who gets a small chute after several months clean. I never had any intention of quitting, but 2016 has been a year of strange, when not inexcusably bad, for the study of Osaka. The demo of this NieR: automaton is, before anything else, a bit of Platinum Games in vein.

2B, the Android’s black dress and white hair, bobs the swords in a way which reminds a lot to Bayonetta and much to Raiden. They are pits of the good ones, which draw lines with elegant choreography and dan gustico to cut enemies of tinplate. Doesn’t seem a particularly complex combat system – there are only two buttons of attack, the list of combos is sensed relatively short, and beware that lack the brand House-paradiña, but the sensations and the foundations are there.

About that, NieR: Automat brings some interesting ideas related to the shooting. As in the original delivery: the main character is always accompanied by a flying drone with infinite ammo. The blast, in addition to infringing further damage, are the best defense against the enemy projectiles. Those brushstrokes of shmup, are curious because here it is also comes to Dodge, but so much red ball forces to move and zoom the camera most of what probably should; abused in the section of the plane overhead or side, effective resources only when they are well dosed. Great, that Yes, it’s power fight back with a cannon shot after an escape at the last moment. It is a movement that helps to define the spaces and the speed of a game that certainly should be put together, not separate, the shots and the swords.

Other mechanical with potential, as of each weapon is assigned to a button of attack – teams them of two by two, so that the sword used to swipe both for the fast-, will play to comment on them when we know more about the size and variety of the arsenal.

Robots de Platino: primeras impresiones de NieR: Automata

The biggest unknowns that are still lagging on NieR: automaton, in any case, are those related to Yoko Taro and Square Enix. In the demo, a non-stop, is impossible to see the distribution of weights that described the producer Yosuke Saito: “the image I have is a game that has a 60 or 70 percent of RPG and a 30 or 40 per cent of action. It is not necessarily make a more action-oriented than previous deliveries game, fate simply do that action is better».

That game is about other things, that development is not pure Platinum, needs to be clear what the demo does not have: no trace of medals, scores or combo multiplier. You can play with style NieR: controller, clear, but but without obvious rewards at the end of each escabechina is subtracted her importance to that issue. The same thing in the final version there is a bonus to the gained experience or a gratuity in the money collected. If not, always have the most obvious option: raise the challenge so that the manquismo is punished with death. The demo is best enjoyed in difficult, although the increase demand always works both ways: when one gets serious, the fallito can become serious errors. As a player, hard to be confident and take certain risks if you do not have the same guarantees – speak, for example, of frames of invulnerability – in a Bayonetta.

Because even being different genres, let’s not kid ourselves, witch is the eternal measuring stick. And although NieR: automaton it does many things very well, makes no or a single better than Bayonetta. It’s been seven years and even the bosses are now more spectacular than then. There are many reasons, no one should think that I do not see them, to stay optimistic reading: Platinum Games here is a part, not the whole, and any action RPG signed by so resolve the fighting. The rest is mostly of a Lord with a fishbowl in the head. To me I’m worth.

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