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See the new EF7 Fittipaldi by Pininfarina exclusively for GT Sport


Super cars adorned games driving and get closer to the public car which unfortunately we dream of driving in real life. Thanks to video games we can lead them and even in digital form is something that can be enjoyed a lot.

Polyphony Digital has partnered with Pininfarina and Fittipaldi to show you the model EF7, a supercar that will be available exclusively in Gran Turismo Sport, title of upcoming release in PS4.

The EF7 is an aggressive model with amazing aerodynamics. The exceptional handling and performance of the EF7 is obtained through a powerful V8 engine naturally aspirated, integrated gearbox, suspension and braking developed by HWA AG system and an ultra lightweight chassis carbon fiber with an exceptionally low center of gravity.

4 images of the EF7:


Source | Sony

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