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The remaster of Voodoo Vince, April 18 will be published.

Beep Industries has announced the date of launch of Voodoo Vince: Remastered, the review in high definition from the game of platforms of 2003. With the trailer that you see above us learned of that will be the 18 of April when is can return to play to this exclusive of the first Xbox, this time in Xbox One and PC.

This review will take advantage of the Microsoft Play Anywhere, they say in Xbox Wire, so buying it will be possible to download it and continue with the game console and Windows 10. It will also be available on Steam, if you prefer the platform from Valve. The 1080 p and expected 60 fps in a game of this type, by the way, are confirmed.

«The gameplay almost no it are playing», it had Kauzlaric when it was announced this new version. “That was important for me. Vince moves, is animated and is controlled exactly equal that in 2003. «Simply can see much more detail in their world when crosses our version twisted of New Orleans and the Bayou ‘.

Behind this remaster is the creator original of the game, Clayton Kauzlaric, that in addition to being the ringleader of Bleep Industries works in Microsoft Game Studios as director creative. It is a curious project because it gives me the feeling that there is more love in him that is immediately: in addition to Kauzlaric love for his creation, Voodoo Vince has the favor of Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox, who mentioned it in a corporate interview by 2014, saying that it was one of their favorite games to be the first that ended with his daughters. «I have worked in Halo, I worked on Gears of War, I have worked in Forza; «games that are incredible, fantastic, but for me the thing goes of them memories that are created, how much you fun when them play, and I always will remember Voodoo Vince», confessed Spencer.

Although it is not the platforms most known of all time, Yes is a piece of the history of the genre, which until now was more or less difficult to play: I have met with him in various shops of second hand, but never came out of Xbox and is not backward compatible with 360 (“never was made possible by the nature of our engine» (, as explained its creator last year), which until now was inevitably linked to the first console of Microsoft.

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