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Sony announces a receiver Wireless USB for DualShock 4 (PC / Mac)


The Japanese have announced makes a few hours that PlayStation Now will come to PC and Mac. This information already was filtered makes some weeks, but is added the layer of official. Mention that the service will be available in a series specific of countries and Spain’s time not is between them.

To offer these players of PC and Mac control to the height of the platform, Sony marketed a USB receiver to connect the DualShock 4 to one of these systems. This device will have a price of $25-consider ones 25€ with a parity direct- and also will serve to play in PC or Mac to your games from Steam, Origin or GOG, or to enjoy of the game remote with the command of PS4 without need of connect it via cable.

Is is of a good form of give use to the command of PS4 for all those that also play in PC / Mac and not want to disburse an extra in the purchase of another command.

Via | PS Blog

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