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South Park: The Fractured But Whole has a new Dev Diary

It is very difficult to say no to Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Coinciding with the Comic-Con in San Diego, for what that thing will superhero this time, Ubi has released a video to tell us how was the development of your next South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

There was time to count more or less everything that is said here during the last E3 Conference, but I’m not to say that no, I insist, to a few jokes of farts. Also the theme, makes me very much precisely because of the obvious and opportunist that mock the cinematic universe of Marvel, with its phases, its infinite ramifications and their machines print money.

Obsidian stays this time out of the project – so, no kidding, moves the Onyx Engine using Dungeon Siege III to Snowdrop from The Division-, but it seems that Ubisoft San Francisco’s have everything controlled: returns to be amazing how to justify the mechanics of RPG as part of a kids and fighting game , surely the point more flojete of the delivery earlier, should be more colorful and fun thanks to those boxes and the interactions with the environment.

Long look, also, at the juggling with subtitles at the end of the video. They say Parker and Stone that the game would be called The Buthole of Time, because they lay because stores do not would like to place the word “eyelet” on their shelves. He Magic game of words of the title in English comes out of that rodeo and, as was of wait, is lost in the translation: in Castilian is South Park: rearguard in danger.

With one or another name, the game will go on sale on December 9. Included with the game La Vara de la Verdad, it was re-released for current consoles, and the incentive for the reserves is perhaps the best I remember: Towelie, the unforgettable uco towel.

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