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Terraria anticipates the arrival of “something great” in their next patch


The creators of Terraria fail to take a break and are already working on a new patch for this title which are expected important developments. By the time it only that is clear is that is is developing a system for improve the physical of them liquids present in Terraria and that the results are very promising. But this will not be the only novelty of the next patch and team warns that “something big” is approaching.

Although finally not be thus, all seems to indicate that a new Chief will be added to Terraria with all what that is. I.e., more objects, new challenges, enemies, materials… A great variety of content extra for this title that already is really big. In addition all these news are free, which shows a great love and dedication by the team of Terraria toward his players and the community.

It should be noted that the above is speculation, although the possibility with more ballots to be certain. In any case, will have that wait to finally is detailing the content of this patch for Terraria and can check the wingspan of the same. To difference of the latest updates, this seems that will be something greater although only is by the effort that supposed redesign the physical of them liquids in all the game.

This has been an especially good for Terraria year since have been launched several patches with lots of new features and improvements for this title. Native support with pads has been one of them, as well as the graphic renewal experiencing progressively. If you are interested in Terraria, stay tuned to the next few weeks and that the patch could be released before of what we could expect.

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