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The Binding of Isaac will jump to iOS


The developer Nicalis has announced during the week that the expansion of The Binding of Isaac will be available in iOS ‘ very soon ‘. The title has already been approved by Apple, and, apparently, Nicalis is adding more features to the video game.

The game will be universal in the different services of Apple, and can download it on iPhone or iPad either. Taking into account that all systems be saved items in iCloud, we continue a previous game in any other. In addition, can use controls through the incorporation of the bluetooth.

On the other hand, study is still planning to launch Afterbirth † for PC, followed both Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The founder of Nicalis has commented that the launch will take place before the Afterbirth, but that will not launch simultaneously with the PC.

After the questions received by the possible version for PSVita of Rebirth and Afterbirth, Nicalis has said that it is not a priority among them, due to problems related to the optimization.

The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth † will bring new content, as new enemies, new songs, new objects and new modes of play. This may be the last update of the title, so you have to enjoy it.

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