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Crown Blossom Vol 2 shows the system E-Mote


Frontwing, developer specializing in adult Visual novels, It has recently launched his latest novel through the digital platform Steam.

In Crown Blossom Vol. 2: The Truth From Beyond, get to know Lily, a maiden turned into space pirate, and his cohort Yunie. Both seek to abduct R-ne, a metal body of the space, and sell it as raw material. Together with Keiji, we will seek to avoid R-ne to be converted to scrap. In addition, there will be a threatens greater after the history that we threaten in all time.

This sympathetic visual novel will be, as usual, censored. At the end, and after all, remember that it is a novel for adults and that it has content + 18. Frontwing has declared that will be a DLC with the content without censorship, but said content not be available through Steam. This version will delete them mosaics that censor the scenes.

In the following preview, you will see a step more beyond within them novels Visual, and is that the representations of them characters in them talks used the System E-Mote. This means that renders will move and react to these talks. Not expect a breakthrough technological so large, but not leaves of be an added extra pretty positive.

Crown Blossom Vol 1 and Crown Blossom Vol 2 are available through Steam.

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