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The demake of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has demo

They say in Destructoid that give you quick to download this demo of (occupies 2 Meg, should not be difficult task) because anytime Nintendo could bring it down without punches, as with all fan projects and non-profit involving some of its franchises. Reggie called it one time “protect his legacy”, but it is clear that sometimes their lawyers tend to kill flies to Cannon.

The case is that Breath of the NES is the project, still very half-baked, a crazy in love: a demake of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with graphics that try to reproduce a retro look and pixelated. The idea seems to try to replicate the visual part of the first Zelda for the NES, but not just be rigorous in this matter and has much more resolution, colors, effects, animations and pixels than the classic eighties. Means what is trying to, that Yes, and do not cease to be interesting: make a classic Zelda but take some elements of the new Zelda.

At the moment you can try the above demo, which is surprisingly solid and mix the sea of good old and new concepts of the franchise. And if you want even donate some money to the author, winterdrake, so that you invest in the development of the full game, something that I don’t know to what extent it makes sense if we consider that the big N is going to hit a strong legal sartenazo sooner rather than later.

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