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The free-to-play Kill Strain arrives July 12 to PS4

Kill Strain will be published in PS4 on July 12; in this trailer above you can see the game before its release.

In the game, multiplayer and free-to-play, two teams meet for the scene control. Some are human and other, mutants; each faction has different heroes (nine humans; three mutants) with his skills and peculiarities, and the idea is ‘play at the highest level as you can and also work as a team’ to meet objectives: destroy the bases enemy, remove to other equipment or, in the case of the mutants, convert all humans to our side (the size of the teams is (, variable).

It can be OK, the truth; am not going to distrust such games ahead of time because you never know, although not convinced me too the game feel: is as if had a lot of characters throwing blows and shooting but they were doing it in different sizes, and we saw all these overlapping realities but in the distant background together. As usual it will impact with nothing actually.

The thing is that you have to try it. San Diego Studio (the Studio behind the game; we know them of ModNation Racers – and LittleBigPlanet Karting – and they are working with Jaffe and company in Drawn to Death; is not A team of Sony, exactly) has left a candy to those who have agreed to see entire trailer: a download code for access to the beta and try the game before its release. The code is (if you can not see the trailer):


That you wear!

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