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The new DLC for Surgeon Simulator allows to operate to Donald Trump

Already three days which is available on Steam a pack of DLC for Surgeon Simulator that meets one of the wildest dreams of many American Democrats and the rest of planet Earth: have Donald Trump immobilized and helpless (and quiet!, it’s amazing!) on a stretcher of operations and a good array of surgical material at our disposal to make with it what the heart or the brain we dictate.

Speaking of which: the idea, as surgeon private Trump, is precisely transplant you a new heart that can be gold or stone to our choice, something like a way that player to position itself with regard to the Republican financier. I don’t know if Bossa Studios collects data on what choice taken by each player, but it would be in all likelihood the best electoral survey of history and one that could replace this factor called “voting intention” for a much more specific “death wish”.

Before taking the decision, that Yes, we have the traditional instruments to make macabre madness on the torso of Donald Trump, from cutting spree any tissue to spray him with the sternum a hammer, but also some extra objects such as a steak rub her face or a scale model of the Trump building to do evil deeds.

We may also handle his hanging face and here another desire shared by millions of people, touching your hair.

Taking into account that Surgeon Simulator is one of those very few cases that can be considered comedy of video games, and in fact be so foolish and clueless is a very accurate indicator of the almost embryonic stage that is the comic genre in video games, this DLC is important because it crosses the slapstick with political references. Or put another way, it is a sort of comic newsgame , the equivalent videojuerguista programs of humour and political satire in the same wavelength as the brilliant Pedro Sanchez Simulator 2016.

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