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The physical Edition of The Sexy Brutale now available

La edición física de The Sexy Brutale ya está disponible

The Sexy Brutale: Full House Edition, Edition Boxed of the celebrated game of Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila Works, is already available.

BadLand Games takes care of the distribution, and initially will be available in Spain (for 25 euros, aim), United Kingdom, New Zealand and Asia; «further ahead», as it confirmed US company, will go on sale in United States. Only PlayStation 4 will receive the game in box; on Xbox One and PC will continue to be digital only.

In addition to the game disc, the Full House Edition includes a CD with the soundtrack and an instruction manual, one of those arcane grimoires which once included instructions on how to play. In the press release that BadLand announced the launch is notified of a failure of production that has made that “some of the pages of this exclusive manual included in this edition are printed so disorderly», and offered solutions: from a digital version of the libretto to the possibility of receiving a new copy by contacting with BadLand.

In The Sexy Brutale are Lafcardio, one of the attendees at the annual feast of the mansion casino which is called as the game. The aim is to investigate the murders taking place in the mansion, trapped in their particular Groundhog Day, and take advantage of our discoveries to prevent crimes before it reaches the midnight.

«To find the way to save every one of the guests, Lafcadio will get a hidden power associated with their masks», in the words of its leaders. «In this way, we can further explore the mansion, discovering the secrets of its past and of its inhabitants, until you reach the truth hidden in the heart of The Sexy Brutale».

The game is being hailed by all sides; soon we will publish our review on the web, but at the moment you can go listening to what we said about it in the podcast Reload.

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