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Night Trap re-released for its 25th anniversary

Night Trap se reeditará por su vigésimo quinto aniversario

The commemorative edition of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Night Trap, the infamous Digital Pictures for Sega CD game, will be published this year in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The reissue is borne by Screaming Villains, a study of Kentucky.

The game is remembered for being a particularly crappy example of that infamous mixture of video game and film that time when rehearses. Composed by an hour and peak of recorded video with actors in the flesh, in Night Trap who plays adopts the perspective of a security guard who, through a series of security cameras, monitors a the Pajama Party that is threatened by the Augers, vampiric creatures that invade the House.

Based control what happens in the eight Chambers and listening to the appropriate talks to get key information, the objective is to avoid that the Augers lien it Brown, put it bluntly.

Screaming Villains has posted a trailer for the reissue, which says that it will be in «spring of 2017»; It should be falling.

Night Trap was originally developed to Control-Vision, a console from Hasbro which did not jump into the market and used videotapes instead of cartridges. The game ended up leaving in 1992 for Sega CD, and then became more platforms, but the film is 1987; After the cancellation of Hasbro machine, all the material they had recorded was filed in 1991 Digital Pictures purchased it and created the game we know today.

This relaunch is not entirely a surprise: James Riley, one of the owners of the original game, takes a time predicting his return, and in 2014 was even carried out a campaign of Kickstarter, which only raised 10% of what they asked for (and was not so much: 330,000 dollars) and which did not give good thorn almost anyone.

In addition to the digital versions, editions will be published in both PS4 and Xbox One box through Limited Run Games.

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